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This blog is the place to talk about writing, my own and yours! Here will be posted my meandering thoughts, moments of life that make me existentially disoriented, and critical ideas concerning queer sustainability in a world full of bigotry and misinformation.

A Little About Me: I am twenty-seven years old, and I lived most of my life in a car or on a couch. I left home when I was fourteen, looked back often, but was always reminded of why I left in the first place. I struggled with finding a place in the world where I fit, and being transgender certainly narrowed the field. After getting to a place in my life where I was mentally stable and financially independent, I wrote a book called Punk Love Foucault. It’s a very raw account of how to go from being and having nothing, to being self-loving and having the tools to create everything you need from scratch. I currently write for The Betty Pages, an LGBTQ magazine based in Bellingham, WA, and I also work on academic theory papers which I occasionally send to prestigious journals like GLQ and Palaver. I volunteer as a beekeeper at my sister-in-law’s bee farm, paint Celtic surrealism in acrylic, and dream of building a log cabin with my own two hands. I identify as non-binary.

If this is your first time reading a transgender person’s work, please check out these other trans/queer authors to better contextualize my writings on queer and trans issues:

  • Susan Stryker: vivid and amazing poems/ short stories/ essays available online.
  • Ladelle McWhorter: amazing intersectional analysis of queer and race issues in Racism and Sexual Oppression in Anglo-America.
  • Manning Marble: queer zine available online called Toward A Gay Communism.
  • Michel Foucault: all of his works, Nietzschien philosophy, my instruction manual for life and its problems.
  • David Valentine: especially Ethnography of a Category

Some others off the top of my head are Riki Wilchins, Dean Spade, and Mary K. Bloodsworth-Lugo.

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You can find me on other sites like Facebook, Goodreads, and Tumblr (redmooserisingweirdo).WIN_20150825_204709

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